Permanent recruitment FAQs.?

What is Mahad Recruitment process?

In the beginning, we’ll spend time talking to you and gain an understanding of your company’s objectives and culture. When we’re clear about what you’re looking for Our expert recruiters are able to search their professional networks and utilize cutting-edge tools to find the most qualified talent that will meet your requirements. Technology is a crucial aspect of this, however it’s a people-oriented company, and creating positive relationships is an essential element. If expectations are controlled and goals are set, this can lead to better results when hiring.

What happens when I've completed the form?

We will contact you within a single working day to initiate a conversation about your project to hire. Following that conversation and with an understanding of exactly what you are looking for Your dedicated recruiter will create an initial list of candidates who have been vetted to choose the interviewers from. Then, we’ll prepare the selected candidates for interviews , with you. And then it’s up for you to select whom to choose!

How knowledgeable are the consultants in recruitment?

All of our recruiters are experts in their particular fields, and have built an extensive knowledge of the industry. This means that they are aware of both sides: the things that a job seeker expects in their employers, as well as the requirements of businesses when they are hiring an employee for the first time.

What are the terms and conditions of your recruitment services?

We know that every person has their own needs, and which is why we always strive to tailor our offerings to be able to meet your needs. The terms and conditions for the hiring process will be reviewed by your recruiter and discussed prior to any search beginning.

What are Mahad Recruitment fees?

The cost for partnering in partnership with Mahad Recruitment to assist in your hiring depends on the type of service you select permanent or executive search, contract recruitment or the talent solutions. After we have a thorough idea of the hiring requirements and requirements, we’ll be able to negotiate on the fee with you. Most of the time the fee will not need been paid prior to the time the new employee begins their employment or if the employee isn’t as successful as you expected, we’ll attempt to solve the issue in a timely manner.


Contract hiring FAQs.

What is the typical contractor's rate?

The rate of a contractor’s pay is highly contingent on the skill level of the contractor and the sector they’ll work in. Therefore, there isn’t a “one size fits all” solution. But, you can locate the rates for all contracts through the salary Guide.

How quickly can Mahad Recruitment find me a contractor?

Our standard timeline for shortlists is within 24 hours, with a majority of our clients obtained contractors in a matter of two to three business days. Contact us now if you’re seeking to hire the next professional.

Do Mahad Recruitment have a contractor pool that I am able to select from?

We have a large pool of contractors that has specialized skills which makes it simple to locate specialists in a very short time frame.

Is it cost-effective to hire a contractor?

Yes, one of the main benefits associated with the hiring of contract workers is the reduction in cost.

Is it faster to hire a contractor?

Yes, the reason for hiring contractors will be to fill the vacancy in the shortest time possible. We’ve been known to connect our clients with the ideal contractor within 24 hours.