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Mahad Recruitment Agency is a preferred partner in the acquisition of talent for Multinationals and top Philippines companies. This , in conjunction with our position as trusted advisors for Philippines professionals is reflected in our primary focus – building Careers. Building Organisations.


We place our employees first and our employees take their careers to the next level. Why not build your career by joining us? Join us with us at Mahad Recruitment Agency Philippines and together we’ll take our work to the next level and beyond.

Our commitments.

We always strive to make a positive difference in terms of our communities, sustainability and Diversity & Inclusion.

Our purpose.

We’re in the business of improving lives. Our dedication to candidates and clients is what keeps us going everyday.


We Go Beyond to find you the right skills and people.
Interview your top candidates
If you are interviewing candidates, begin by conducting a quick 15- 30 minutes phone screen to find out if they fit the essential requirements of the job and determine if there's an appropriate match.
Review applicant resumes
If you've got a lot of applicants coming into your office, you should begin narrowing your applicant pool using their resumes. Sort out candidates who don't meet the job specifications by sending them an email with a rejection
Do your research
Find candidates by reviewing similar job descriptions, and then scanning resumes of candidates who are qualified to find out what qualifications and experience are needed to fill the roles.
Choose a highly-clickable job title
An encapsulated job title that can get high rankings in search results, and will attract skilled applicants1. Beware of buzzwords such as "wizard,""rockstar," or "ninja," because people aren't likely to use them to find a job.
Create a standout job description
To be competitive with larger companies, follow best practices for clearand meaningful job descriptions that are clear and meaningful. Consider the keywords your ideal candidate is likely to be searching for, and then incorporate these keywords into your job description to ensure maximum exposure.

Why Choose Mahad Recruitment Agency?

There are several reasons why Mahad Recruitment Agency is the expected choice for both employers and job seekers. Also some of these reasons include the following:
Experienced and Dedicated Team
Has a team of experienced and dedicated Recruitment professionals committed to giving clients the best services? The team has the knowledge and skill to help clients find the best talent for their organizations.
Large Pool of Candidates
The Agency has access to a large pool of fit candidates, making. It is easier for employers to find the right talent for their organizations. The Agency’s excellent network of job seekers allows it to find the perfect match for employers quickly.
Competitive Pricing
Mahad Recruitment Agency offers aggressive pricing, making it cheap for small and large Businesses. The Agency ensures its services are available to all clients, regardless of their budget.
Quality and Reliable Services
The Agency is known for as long quality and genuine Recruitment services to employers and job seekers. Has a proven track record of carrying excellent client results.